I wrote this song a few years ago and I just now figured out I really like it. Hope you do too.

I’ll be fine on my own
I tell myself every morning
I wash my face ’til I feel awake
Grab my guitar and go to a place
Where I can feel just what I want to

And it’s alright for a while
It’s what I need to get by

And then I think of when she was here
I can’t believe I left that love affair
It doesn’t matter, I’m not grieving
And so what if I am?
It’s only human to love and long for some

No one said that love was easy
And no one said it would be this hard
But waiting for love to release me
Is simply the hardest part

No one really knows how to be alone


I’ve been writing a lot recently and have started to build up a small bank of songs that I can choose from for my next album or E.P. or whatever I might do. I’ve always thought that it was unfortunate I didn’t have more material to choose from for ‘A Weight Off My Mind’. After all, you will get a better album if you choose 10 songs out of 50 instead 12 songs of 14. And that’s what I’m trying to do now. To collect. And hopefully it’s gold. If not, then fine. At least I’m writing.

The Hardest Part, This Dream, Come July and Memories of You¬†are all songs that I very much believe in, among others. More so than I did for my previous projects and it’s exciting to know that an inspiring time is ahead of me. I still don’t know when and where but I know it’s coming.

Now if you’ll excuse me, River Monsters is on and Jeremy Wade is about to challenge a congo catfish.

I sleep sometimes. I feed my dog
I take my pills. Still have my job
Ask me how I am and I’ll look happy too
Hiding all the memories of you

This is the intended chorus for this new song called Memories Of You. It is a collaborative effort. My first collaborative effort in writing a song, at least as far as lyrics are concerned. I was both excited and scared to start working on this. Usually I like to know that I’m in control and that I have final say in how the song turns out. But lately I’ve noticed that there is a limit to how much inspiration I can actually gather myself, and I have felt the need to learn from and write about other inspired people and their experiences. You might think it is difficult to gather, process and write someone else’s feelings in words on a piece of paper and then sing them as if they are you own, but as it turns out, it works just fine.I’m very excited for you to hear it.


Here is a semi-ready version of “I Do”. It’s a song I recently wrote for my brothers wedding. If you’re about to get married and can’t find a song to play at the wedding, look no further. If you don’t like it, I will come strangle you with my microphone wire. Enjoy!

The song was mixed by Reiner Erlings. He also played keys and he is also very cute.


Hey all,

I just felt the need to write a few lines and sort of explain why I don’t update the blog that often. First of all, I’m not really like your general blogger out there. I don’t write about trivial stuff like how my morning gym session was or what I put in my smoothie in the morning (fruit yoghurt, oats and honey btw). I try to write only when I have something interesting or forceful to say, which is of course subjective but whatever. Second of all, and this is affected by the first of all, for some reason I convince myself that what I have just written is not interesting enough for you, a weird thing to decide for someone else, I know. I guess it’s good at the end of the day because I’m never really happy, and that usually leads to making quality stuff, no matter you are into. And third, and this one sucks, I’m surprisingly busy these days. Living the life of a football player is not only physically tough but also quite stressful for the old thinker, especially when you have people relying on you and you are boasting 0-0-2 record (wins-ties-losses) at the start of the season. And between the football and the music, practicing and practicing and recording, it’s tough to find left-over brainspace to distribute.

I don’t want to think of the writing as sporadic, since it’s always on my mind. It’s just that my filter is set on high. No one asked for these excuses, but I was hoping they might buy me some time. “I Do” should be up shortly.



Because I’m in a tough spot with the wedding song, I’m trying other stuff. Fooled around with the guitar and my new amp the other day and this is what I came up with.


For the past two days, I’ve been trying to find the right sound for the main guitar riff in my newest song “I Do”. Fun work, for the first 8 hours. I’m pretty sure that, in situations like this, I could be diagnosed as a crazy person. Because just when you would think I found what I’m looking for, I go ahead and start all over. Hopefully though, it’s not all a waste. It is pivotal that the warmth of the song is properly translated in the music, and I think that is why I’m allowing it to take as long as it has.

I had a breakthrough today though and I’m totally on to something. So if you are about to get married, prepare to weep. And if you are not about to get married and you are alone, well..prepare to continue weeping.


My set-up right now..

Must…work..through…this test…too many..people…..in need…of…more…Jonas…won’t…disappoint….OK I’ll stop now.

I’m in the process of recording a new song of mine called “I Do”. It was initially written for my brother Roberts’ wedding and though it is very personal, I quickly discovered it is also quite general (wait a minute). My wish is now that other people, lodged in that special wedding state, will be able to relate to it as well. My hopes for the song are high and I believe it could be a go-to tune for all wedding planners in need. And in my opinion, that market could definitely use some new baby-making material.

So please keep a lookout for “I Do” right here and help me spread the word.

On another note – due to some licensing issues, you’ll have to wait about one week to get back your daily dose of the sweet sound that is Jonas Desai on Spotify. I won’t go into details but let’s just say they screwed me like a one-legged horse. Nah, just kidding. Spotify is awesomeness.


I’m reading and hearing about the catastrophic events taking place in Japan and I feel helpless. I want to help but I know I can’t. My thoughts are with all of the affected. In a weird way it also helps me, because my problems now suddenly don’t seem like problems at all.

Thinking about it, I feel like tragedies like this, caused by both natural disasters and political conflicts, has happened more and more frequently lately. Haiti, Japan and Libya are a few recent examples. I need and want to believe there is a reason for it all though. This can’t all be random. And I’d like to believe that that reason gives us enough hope to fight through it. I have never experienced and probably will never experience anything similar to what is happening in Japan right now. But in my darkest hours, my belief in that things (problems included) happens for a reason is what keeps me going. The comfort is not always enough, but knowing or believing that something good will come out of it is at least a start. It tough now, and probably will be tough for a long time. But people are strong, and have time and time again made it through difficult situations. I just hope the rest of us can learn something from it and sometimes just remember and acknowledge how lucky we actually are.

“but I know the heart of life is good”